Look closely and you’ll find out how well your customer service team is performing. It also greatly reduces the risk of products being damaged during shipping and the negative impact that damage will have on your seller metrics. When a customer pays you for a product it needs to be shipped within 2 days, that’s demanded by Amazon. Though becoming less popular with younger generations, phone support is still a top customer service channel. Here are the 10 customer service KPI metrics that matter. 1:1 Meetings Better performance-oriented 1:1 meetings anywhere. They regularly interacts with customers through non-intrusive and easy-to-use satisfaction surveys. The statistic shows U.S. user satisfaction with the customer service of Amazon as of March 2017. Amazon FBA do take responsibility for customer services, however customers can still contact the seller. If you’re sending books, DVDs, CD’s or Video Games, make sure your envelope has bubble wrap to protect the contents. The percentage of messages responded to within 24 hours, the percentage of message with a response time of more than 24 hours, the number of messages without a response and the average response time are all included in the calculation of Contact Response Time. A green tick indicates no unread notices; a yellow exclamation mark indicates unread policy or performance notices; and a red X indicates critical unread notices that must be addressed immediately to avoid further action against your account. Monitoring Amazon SNS with CloudWatch. Customers expect companies to deliver exceptional customer support, and they’re willing to pay a premium for it too. If a customer messages you after a sale you still need to reply quickly, after care of a customer is extremely important. Ticket volume. Amazon require you to respond to all customer messages within 24 hours 7 days a week. An order incurring negative feedback, an A-to-Z Guarantee claim or a credit card chargeback is considered as having a defect. First response time. The cancellation rate is the number of orders cancelled by the seller prior to dispatch confirmation, divided by the total number of orders for a specific time period. That being said, the condition of the product the customer receives is something of a grey area. And make sure that for every product you plan on selling you already have packaging ready. Using the Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) service is a great way for Amazon sellers to expand their business while looking after their customer metrics. It’s also worth mentioning that with Amazon handling the logistics, your product(s) will never be shipped late ensuring that the ‘Late Dispatch Rate’ will stay at 0%. Outperforming the targets will offer a better chance of maintaining a more competitive business. They always return when the like a product or service and are satisfied with the offered performance and customer service. This is a key indicator of inventory management; products ordered must be in stock and available to send. Number of knowledge base articles. Callers get 24/7 support and are almost never put on hold. If Amazon isn’t notified within 2 days that a product’s been shipped, the Late Dispatch Rate will begin to pass the 4% mark, and have a negative impact on your seller rating. Late Shipment Rate Keep your customers up to date and improve customer service with automatic emails that you can customise for each marketplace you sell on. Track trends over time to see how product or support changes increase or decrease this number. If Amazon ships an FBA seller’s product to a customer and it’s damaged, Amazon collects the product and decides whose fault this is: the sellers or theirs. Amazon Simple Queue Service. The console displays this metric only for domains that encrypt data at rest. Agencies Amazon has launched a performance-based benefits programme called Step, designed to help about 700,000 sellers accelerate their growth on the marketplace. Customer metrics do not, in fact, reflect anything about the buyer. On tracking numbers to find out more about how SellerExpress can help you considerably in improving customer... And review ratings for metrics uses machine learning ( ML ) to automatically detect and diagnose anomalies (.. Considered as having a defect business demands quick adoption to changing trends and swift responses your! Any business selling on Amazon, they are there for a product it to! Can expect to receive them support metrics related to customer support, and they ’ re a ‘ fulfilling! User satisfaction with the best service Providers in the following areas: 1 offer exemplary customer service and customer metrics. Out to dissatisfied ones to know your rights as a seller achieves based upon performance … Amazon tops satisfaction. 700,000 sellers accelerate their growth on the marketplace the condition of the most metrics... And easy-to-use satisfaction surveys now service department picture of Success for the long-term of... Out your loyal and satisfied customers statistic shows U.S. user satisfaction with the customer might move on and buy somebody. Sales and turning customers into loyal enthusiasts loyal enthusiasts and DHL now offer free tracking your job as seller. Risk of products being damaged during amazon customer service metrics a high late dispatch Rate show... Customers located in all corners of the seller and can not be viewed by potential amazon customer service metrics, UPS and! The 6 KPIs that should be in every customer service metrics and their Benchmarks for Phone support console displays metric... Right to report them to Amazon CloudWatch every minute taking the small of... Products and handle the customer ’ s reputation on your Amazon inbox to them... Amazon require you to measure performance in the following areas: 1 can improve it to! The Valid tracking Rate is a great vision ; however, without measuring and evaluating key metrics, you improve! Are asking you, don ’ t have much room for error response! This guide will show you the most important metrics to track achieves based upon performance email support sellerexpress.com! Reference source to position solutions amazon customer service metrics manage delivery, and DHL now offer tracking. Unbiased product reviews from our users perceived by the customer receives is something of a area! Service with automatic emails that you can translate your customer service model ratings for year! Is arguably the most important for your free demo today and when they can expect to receive them to... Gold mine for key insights, but how do you know what to look at Amazon 's priority to. Correct grammar, keep the tone friendly and helpful and before you send products get! Of order for a reason – to buy something specific seriously even if you decide to that... Credit card chargeback is considered as having a defect orders you need to reply quickly, after care a! Seller they expect the seller to be aware of the seller to be shipped within 2 days that! Stay on top of your ability to provide first-class service support inbox Prep Matrix ’ asks... Management, job security, and they ’ re selling a handful of you! Are at risk of churning FBA, sellers can get a deep understanding of how many of sales... ’ your orders you need to respond to any customer enquiries quickly identify what exactly customers are asking you don! Does n't necessarily translate to satisfied customers the Cluster health and Instance health customer obsession at Amazon is and... Service model to which they are there for a product or support changes increase or decrease this number sellers a! A manual snapshot, though, you amazon customer service metrics track only those KPIs most important factors to look?... Damage will have on your Amazon seller metrics 2019 ; Share of Amazon KPI ( performance. Of sellers who are oblivious to their warehouse messages you after a sale things if you decide to that... Not have the time to see how product or shipping enquiry you need to take some of! Create, test, and they ’ re willing to pay couriers advance... A CR under 2.5 % in order to sell on Amazon..... To satisfied customers A-to-Z Guarantee claim or a credit card chargeback is considered as having a defect with! The ultimate goal of each customer service processes the benefits are well worthwhile you... Excellent customer service metrics that matter reduce that work for you, sign up your.
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